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Night Talks – Camping Free Verse


Let me picture silence,

By the pale moonlight.

Kissed by the breeze,

And serenaded by roos.



Submissions Wanted

Dearest followers,

I have recently started my own website (as some may know) and want to publish as much original content as possible. I am opening my website up for submissions (poetry, short stories, photography, art, articles, any coherent rambles that don’t fit the previous categories). I will ensure that your post has all the link-backs you wish for (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, your own personal website, etc.) clearly displayed with your submission. I will publish selected submissions on and promote selected submissions on Twitter.


  • Absolutely NO plagiarism (I will report you and name you).
  • Nothing TOO graphic (sexual, violent, etc.). Keep it within reason/context.
  • No bigotry of any kind.
  • No spam, please.
  • It does not matter if your work is published elsewhere.

To submit:

  • Include your preferred name.
  • Include the link-backs you would like to be shown.
  • Any bio information or brief preface to your submission to be published (not required).
  • Include your submission in the body email (I will not open any attachments).
  • Title the email “UCW Submissions” (I will ignore anything not titled this).
  • Seriously no spam, please.


For those in need of a prompt for poetry/short stories, I am suggesting “The night watchman.” Use as you see fit.

I will publish those I feel are of the best quality, whether there be one or ten, or more.

Submissions for this round are open until 21/03/2016. I may make this a permanent feature in future.

In particular reference to articles and photography, there is a chance you will also be published on (with full link-backs).

Selected submissions will be notified by email. I will endeavour to reply to all submissions, as much as time allows. Please do not be offended if you do not hear anything back.

Send submissions to:
(remember to title UCW Submissions)

Thank you. I look forward to some quality and interesting material!

A. Campbell (Uncorked Words). x


The Actress


Gather yon children,
For a tale of woe,
Of fine scarves silken,
And cheapest Bordeaux.

Banking Gold


A young man of feathers and gems,

He balances a glass of wine,

Holding flowers cut at the stem,

Resembling his bare spine.


The Perfume of Coffee



At the white coffeehouse,

That perfume! Oh, what days!

For memories rouse,

Knowing youth, and its ways.



Ode to a Stranger


Standing roadside on a bustling street,

I spy you from a green car,

Would you much rather be elsewhere?

So unaware of where to go next,

Do you lack my set destination?

To me you are a drifter, a solitary figure.





Drunk on wine and blue cheese,

Cigarettes rain down hill,

On these sheets full of sleaze,

Sloshing, and I standstill.




The Statue


And Midas made me a God,

As I fell through gilded pages.





The sun disappears,

Remember the moon phases,

All life one day ends.

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